Osteopathy and chronic constipation

How can osteopathy help with chronic constipation?

Chronic constipation occurs when the number of bowel movements is less than three per week. This can be accompanied by abdominal pain, spasms, bloating, hemorrhoids, etc. Without a "vital" emergency, it can be extremely disabling in everyday life. It is not uncommon for me to see patients referred to my office by their general practitioner or gastroenterologist for this reason.

How can osteopathy help with chronic constipation? At the osteopathic practice in Paris 16 Passy, we are trained in visceral and cranial techniques that are gentle and painless for all types of patients (babies, pregnant women, adults and seniors). The goal is to restore mobility to the intestinal region, to remove tensions that could alter the peristalsis and to work on the entire parasympathetic system.

The number of sessions needed is very random from one patient to another. In general, 2 or 3 sessions maximum give good results.

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