When can I consult an osteopath Paris 16 Passy in emergency ?

Every week, I receive calls from patients asking me: "Sonia, can I come and see you? My neck is blocked, it radiates into my arm and is very inflamed", or "I fell off my horse this weekend, I saw my doctor and the X-rays showed nothing, but my neck hurts. Can I come see you?". My patients are stuntmen 😉

In the first case, inflammatory, punctual, without event. Yes, you can come and consult us in emergency. The office located at 12 rue Raynouard Paris 16, offers emergency slots 7 days a week. The chance!

We will use functional techniques, muscular, fasciatherapies.
No structural techniques (cracking) will be used; too violent and the body risks overreacting, or even blocking itself even more.

In the second case, I advise not to consult without medical advice. If, and I insist on this "if", nothing serious is detected (fracture or other), I prefer, in general, that the patient waits a few days in order to find the "real losses of mobility and blockages" which, even with rest, have not disappeared by themselves.

Any doubt? Send us a message before taking an appointment. Sonia Blanc: 06 50 58 14 50 / M.Taillandier 06 52 98 69 91

See you soon!

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